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Runescape Classic (Open Source replica) - Runescape Classic - 03-28-2019

Hello!  Hi

I am looking for old (and new) Runescape Classic players

The game shut down officially in 2018 but we are working on a replica build  of the game called "Open RSC"

It is open source, and available to anybody to inspect, branch from, etc

We also have plans for restorations of the older builds of the game, such as a 2001 build that would emulate the game when it was possible to PK everywhere.

If you have any memories, please post here or come join us in Discord or in game

I am hoping this does not come across as an advertisement Smile

Simply looking to drum up some discussion, share old memories and screenshots, and gather info to help for our project.

RE: Runescape Classic (Open Source replica) - Saddam - 04-08-2019

make a 2005 rs2 instead

RE: Runescape Classic (Open Source replica) - Wee Man - 04-09-2019

I've gone ahead and moved this into General Discussion for you where I think it's better suited. I can't really help with the discussion since I didn't start playing since 2006 but I think it's a good thing you're doing to try and recreate eras of the game people used to love, especially since Jagex no longer offers them. Good luck.

RE: Runescape Classic (Open Source replica) - W13 - 04-14-2019

I loved the wild-wild-west style RuneScape back when I started in 2001. Then to make a few whiners happy, Jagex babyfied the game too much to keep everybody happy. Now everybody's a winner. *yawn*

So, a replica of the early game - but slightly cleaned up would be nice. Needs to be playable on mobile too.

RE: Runescape Classic (Open Source replica) - Hell Nova - 05-20-2019

Sounds like this may actually get a little popular. Best of luck on RSC. I never did get much into RSC.