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Do we still do poems? - Wriste13 - 05-03-2019

I remember we did poetry once. If this isn't appropriate for this board anymore, lemme know. Haven't written much poetry at all for a good long while, several years maybe, but here's one I wrote on a whim pretty recently. Enjoy, criticize, post one of your own. What have you.



I’ll pilfer your papers, I’ll purloin your pens,
I’ll drink all your ink, in one swallow I think,
Then stealing the feeling from prayer as you’re kneeling,
I'll catch it like water that drips from your ceiling.
The warmth of your shiver, your exposure my shelter,
First roof then your hearth, I’ll find them as mine,
First thieving then leaving, the robbed disbelieving,
Your gardens, my mouth; no profit in weeding.
Your pastures a road, a road to my heaven,
Those losses my spoils, my riches their boils,
My feet are like cedar, my legs are their leaders,
My roots thirst for blood; if earth bleeds, I’ll bleed her.
These heads are like vines, their eyes are like grapes,
My teeth are the rabbits with carnivorous habits;
I see you have young, so I’ll eat them too,
If that’s not enough, then I think I’ll eat you.
Whatever it is, my desire, it knows it.
Wherever it is, I’ll get there, I swear.
However it’s gotten, I’ll get it, it’s mine.