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Introducing myself - Danbridge - 07-11-2019

Name: Dan
OSRS name: Danbridge
RS3 name: Danbridge
Been playing since: 2007
Age: 60

Hello everyone I live in Los Angeles.  These are my current accounts. RIP Lord Relztik and Doraku. I am looking forward to making new friends in this group!  Smile

RE: Introducing myself - The duck - 07-14-2019

Hi Dan. Good luck with your account.

RE: Introducing myself - Nitromanic - 07-16-2019

Hey Dan! Good luck, what happened to the last two accounts?!

RE: Introducing myself - Saddam - 07-19-2019

60? and i thought i was over the hill

RE: Introducing myself - Wee Man - 07-19-2019


RE: Introducing myself - Hell Nova - 08-25-2019

Hey, welcome to the forums Tongue