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Just Saying Hi! - Sleepy - 10-01-2019

Hey everyone!

I just now stumbled upon the 2018 post announcing the closing of the Zybez Community, so I thought I'd stop by and say hello, since I remember having a lot of fun on RSC. It was the first online community I really got involved with - this was back as an early teenager, and I'm 30 now.  Time really does fly by!

For some background, I started playing RuneScape in 2002 and joined RSC in 2003. I became a pretty active poster (mainly between 2003-2005), and was a Senior Member during part of that time.

To me, what made RSC unique was how people were encouraged to try and be better posters/forum members. Like, do y'all remember the Community Mentor Project?  For those who don't remember it, it was a system where two people were paired up, and the "mentor" would coach the "mentee" on better posting styles. For some of us, myself included, the goal was to get attention/ratings and possibly forum promotions, but it also had the cool effect of many posters genuinely trying their best to write great content and stimulating discussions. I'm sure that some of this existed on other RuneScape boards, but it seemed most prominent on RSC.

Also, a lot of the people I interacted with seemed pretty cool. I never met any of them in real life (apart from one person who just happened to enroll at the same university as I did), so I only knew their online selves, but I'd like to mention some names:  Apollo (I was his mentor!), Bulger10, Veracon, Nathalie, Joolker, Thalador, Guybrush, Geniusdude, Daniyal, zamz, Yanumee, Wakt, Super Girl, Tha Hanzz, Loyal2Death, Fire Freek, StyIez, W--Mage, LostAndConfused. I've probably misspelled some of those names, and I wasn't close with every single person I mentioned on that list (and was probably closer with a few people I forgot to list), but that list should give people an idea of the time frame when I was active. Also, does anyone remember The Enlightened Ones (TEO)? If you were a part of it, you probably do remember it.

It's a bit surreal to see that the forums I had known since 2003 have been shut down, since it always seemed to be a bustling place whenever I would check on it. I totally understand the decision, though - people aren't using these types of forums as much to socialize, now that more convenient options are available.

Funny thing, though, is that I actually still can log onto my original RuneScape account that I created in 2002. I don't play RuneScape anymore (I play FFXIV) but I do want to hang onto that account as long as possible, since it's definitely the oldest thing that I've created that I can still log into, 17 years later. Also, just a week or so ago I saw a guy at work playing OSRS on his break, which I thought was really cool - glad to see the game is still alive and kicking, and still getting updates.

If you're reading this and were mainly active after 2008 or so, my name might not be familiar, but if you were a part of the 2003-2005 crew and remember my name/posts/activity, please let me know!  I'll check this forum every now and then.

RE: Just Saying Hi! - Wee Man - 10-01-2019

I don't recognise your name (like you mentioned I registered late 2008) but I recognise a lot of the names you listed lol. Hope you stick around, this place needs some content posted lmao.

RE: Just Saying Hi! - Sleepy - 10-02-2019

I'll definitely check in from time to time. It's cool that this board exists, at least for the purpose of sharing memories and nostalgia.
I can't promise that I'll be an active poster beyond this thread, but if I see something interesting I'll chime in!

RE: Just Saying Hi! - Wakt - 06-26-2020

Hope you're doing well, Sleepy! Hi