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[OldSchool] Recruit's Goals & Achievements - recruit011 - 03-24-2021

[Image: odreKfQ.png]

Hello and welcome to my Goals & Achievements thread. This thread will serve as a place to record my progress in Oldschool.

My name is Lewis and I live in the UK. I have played Runescape on and off since 2006, my earliest memory of playing being around 2004. I maxed my account and quit sometime around 2014. I dabbled in OldSchool when it was first released but I moved on to other games. I picked it back up around 2017 and have started playing a lot more lately.

The first account I created which became my main was recruit011. I have no idea where I got the name from. Over the years I had some name changes including iRecruit017 (with some number variants), RUNCORN RIOT, before settling on valkynaz (which became my online alias a number of years ago). I didn't engage in the clan community much, which is something I regret.

I never got the chance back then to be a part of that aspect of the Runescape community and build the friendships that came with it. I want to change that now and although I've missed out on a lot, I'd love to make some new friends to enjoy playing the game with. Message me ingame (valkynaz/THC Sponge) or contact me on Discord (valkynaz#6156) if you want someone to talk to, be it Runescape or something else. I'm always available to talk and love having interesting conversations with new people.

I visited the Zybez forums a lot, being most active somewhere around 2010. I loved reading through peoples threads and seeing the progress people had made. I see no reason why this sort of thing can't be done anymore. I have played this game a lot and probably will do for as long as it exists.


  • Short Term
  • Long Term
  • Starting Stats
  • Achievement Diaries
  • Quests

Short Term
I am currently working on completing Morytania Elite diaries. You'll find me barbarian fishing on world 518 until I get to 96 which is needed to complete one of the elite tasks of the diary.
I am also working on a brutal black dragon alt that I can afk on while I max on my main. While I am training this account to afk brutal black dragons I will be working on completing all of the achievement diaries and unlocking any other useful items and other in game rewards to help me on my journey to max.
Long Term

The current long term goal of my account is achieve level 99 in all skills. I have set myself a goal to have this completed by the end of 2022. I have maxed my main rs3 account (pre-invention/achaeology), and I play to do the same on OldSchool. I never got anywhere near close to maxing during the 2007 era, and it's something I'd like to experience.


Starting Stats

These are the stats of my OldSchool main at the time of the creation of this G&A thread. Taken 24/03/2021.

[Image: M7wYCyR.png]

Achievement Diaries:

Ardougne - [Easy][Medium][Hard][Elite]

Desert - [Easy][Medium][Hard][Elite]

Falador- [Easy][Medium][Hard][Elite]

Fremennik - [Easy][Medium][Hard][Elite]

Kandarin - [Easy][Medium][Hard][Elite]

Karamja - [Easy][Medium][Hard][Elite]

Kourend & Kebos - [Easy][Medium][Hard][Elite]

Lumbridge & Draynor - [Easy][Medium][Hard][Elite]

Morytania - [Easy][Medium][Hard][Elite]

Varrock - [Easy][Medium][Hard][Elite]

Western Provinces - [Easy][Medium][Hard][Elite]

Wilderness - [Easy][Medium][Hard][Elite]


To be completed.



G&A Thread created. I will be posting any meaningful updates to my progress towards maxing here. If there isn't a post for a while it means I haven't progressed a lot of my progression isn't worth showing.

RE: [OldSchool] Recruit's Goals & Achievements - Bles - 04-07-2021

Good luck friend.