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Hey there, I'm Buddy. - Buddy - 04-06-2021

It's been so long since I visited Zybez, I was around 14 when I was really active here. Was sad to see it was no more. I spent many, many hours on RSC.  Far longer than I ever spent playing the game.

When I was younger I put together a 'drag and drop' character builder kit in Microsoft Paint that I called The BuddyKit.

Anyone with a PC could use the item sheet to build their character from the game.

It became really popular and the template was coopted by other members and became a huge fad in the mid 2000s Runescape forum community.  (About as niche as it gets, ha)

Anyways, here is the Buddykit that got so popular.

Let me know if you remember me, or if we used to hang out.  It's only been 15 years.  Big Grin

Hope you are all doing well.

RE: Hey there, I'm Buddy. - recruit011 - 04-08-2021

Wow, I didn't know it was you that made the buddykit all those years ago! I just searched for it and I remember creating and sharing all sorts of characters with my friends when I was younger.

Someone even made an Urban Dictionary entry a while ago:

Welcome to the forums. Do you still play RuneScape regularly?