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Help - triple_staxx954 - 04-25-2021

Wadddup guys after being gone 15yrs finally back it’s sure is over whelming how much new stuff is here
But my question is there still that program to play RS and also be able to check high scores or quests guides and also calculator let me know ASAP thx guys!

RE: Help - W13 - 04-26-2021

Whoa ... 15 years.

Now everything is on the official site. They got their own Wiki and everything. The game itself has plenty of assistance content in it now that you don't really need help sites etc. anyways. There's also Youtube - so ya.

RE: Help - MattC - 04-27-2021

You want to use Runelite for your client, between that and Wiki + YouTube (as W says) you've got everything you need + 100x more haha

It's a very different world to the OG RSC days