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Full Version: Former Ranks
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Will ranks such as Senior Member and Exclusive be introduced into this forum?

Personally, loved those ranks cause it was an incentive for people to be active on here and promote posting a bit. Another idea is to add a "Zybez" rank, like for anyone who came from the Zybez forum, just a thought.
I think this is a great idea.
It would be best starting fresh and revisiting something like that down the road. I think we're good with the handful of mods we have now.

The "Zybez" rank is something we should definitely pass on (??)
Yeah, I liked that system. Gave incentives. Even with a smaller forum, they can still be used.
I think a unique ranking structure would be good. Same concept could work but at some point it will turn in to “why did we shut down zybez if it is basically the same thing.”
Make all past staff a hmember
oww my SMem
We're discussing ranks privately at the moment. The current line of thought is that we don't need much staff right now since the board is in it's early stages and may not even take off. As for Senior Member we're having a debate over how the rank should function (should it be hand picked or just based on post count?). Honoured Member isn't being considered right now.
(09-21-2018, 05:51 PM)Wee Man Wrote: [ -> ]Honoured Member isn't being considered right now.

Kinda sucks for the work previously put in. Does not personally bother me (which is why I post on behalf of those it might Big Grin ) but seems a bit of a snub
Zybez staff should carry over their ranks, particularly SeMes+. As Toe said - its just a way of showing basic respect to people who previously put in hundreds of hours+ into the old forums. Otherwise why would they bother posting again when they can just spare themselves the embarrassment and simply move on with their lives like others who haven't (yet) swung by.

It looks like double standards with Yoto, Wee, and Kevin keeping Smod. And whilst you've very kindly given me Mod again, why am I different to duck, Toe, and Magick?
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